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Hunt & Gather

Hunt and Gather.

Hunt and gather. It's what I do. In this day and age it's hard, but I strive to live the intuitive and creative life of an artist connected to nature as much as I can. I believe that connection to all things wild is ancestral, just like our forefathers who hunted and gathered for survival.

I recently read an interesting paragraph from the book 'Younger Next Year'... We are unique among all the living creatures who have occupied this planet for millions of years. We have simply stood up and walked out of nature. We are neither hunting or the hunted anymore. We are now out of sync with our biology, our natural born instincts and out of sync with this earth. For me, I need to be 'out there' where things just make more sense, where I truly feel in sync with my natural born instincts. Out there to hunt and gather my reference and inspiration from the animals and places that fascinate me. I then bring that inspiration into my studio to try and create paintings that are like nature itself,... perfectly imperfect.

Filmmaker and professional hunter Donnie Vincent expressed his perspective on the matter like this... "I am a hunter. The act is inspiration in and of itself; that notion can be represented with a simple photo or idea. The desire to hunt lives in my soul – I come from ancestors that were strong hunters. I can’t imagine losing that yearning for the outdoors, to hunt and fish outside. I believe adventure lives within each of us. We all have this gene. No matter where you live – the suburbs or the Himalayas – the need to explore – to go look – never goes away." I agree with Donnie. And I think if most people took a look deep inside themselves, they would agree as well.

I have a lifetime of stories in me that I will share in this blog from the experiences and adventures I've lived. But what's most exciting to me is that I still have so many more adventures to live out. As Donnie said, "...adventure lives within each of us." So what's your next adventure and what will you be hunting for? I challenge you to get out there and to hunt and gather the amazing experiences and inspiration Mother Nature has to offer you.


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