• Ric Fedyna

Hunting for Inspiration

Welcome to my first post in my Journal on my website! I'm excited to have this vehicle to talk about my passion for art and all things wild. I have perspective and stories inside me I plan to share with you.

I thought I would start by writing about inspiration. In the war of art it can sometimes be the hardest thing capture. If you are like me, you don't just wake up 'inspired to create' every morning. Part of being an artist is the process of hunting for inspiration. For me, I get out in nature every chance I get because it inspires me to create. I love the process of hunting and gathering experiences and reference material for my paintings. I then bring that inspiration back into my studio and try to put it down on canvas.

If I hope to create compelling artwork, I need to put myself in and get inspiration from compelling places. The two just go hand in hand for me. I also love the effort and exercise it requires to get myself into remote locations and it gets me close to the wild animals that fascinate me. Whether I'm traveling the world to far off lands or simply hiking the foothills of southern Alberta, I try to put myself in the way of nature’s beauty every chance I can.

There is so much out there to inspire the creativity in each and every one of us. I challenge you to get out there to hunt down the inspiration that Mother Nature may have to offer you…

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